Adding a Party Room to Your Home

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Whether your entertaining style is casual or formal, having a home kids party game idea can be fun for everyone. Frameless interior glass doors exemplify your lifestyle while creating a spacious ambiance for guests.

The Party Room is a room in the rebuilt Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza. It is also the only room that Toy Bonnie doesn’t enter before crawling through the Left Air Vent to The Office.

Room Size

Whether your entertaining style is family-focused or more formal, having flexible space in your home can make all the difference. If you’re building or remodeling a new home, consider including a dedicated party room.

If you already have a dining room, living room or additional den, consider converting it into a party space for larger gatherings. If you’re going to invest in a new space, consider using frameless interior glass to maximize natural light and create a more open feel.

When determining the capacity for your home party room, start by measuring the number of chairs you’ll want in a row. Standard seat height is 18 inches, so a row with seats placed one chair-length apart would require 10 square feet per person. Add a few extra inches to that number, however, to ensure attendees can move easily through the space without bumping into others or having to climb over them.


When hosting a party in your home, furniture is essential to the flow of your space. The room should be breathable and large enough for your guests to mingle comfortably, but without feeling crowded.

Coffee tables, footstools and entertainment consoles crowd a space, so remove them for the duration of the party. However, you can keep your sofa, chairs and dining table, as well as a few side tables.

To encourage mingling, cluster chairs or couches around the perimeter of the room in small groups of two to four seats. You can also leave out creative and personal objects, like a sculpture, photograph or decorative lamp as conversation starters. You may also want to keep a few trash receptacles in convenient locations. If your home has multifunctional furniture, like a couch that converts into beds, you can use it to create sleeping spaces for guests staying overnight.


Although it may be one of the easiest party details to overlook, lighting is a key element that can make or break the ambiance for guests. It can draw attention away from any room clutter and towards the hors d’oeuvre table, or it can focus on a special moment like a first dance at a wedding or a father/daughter dance at a sweet sixteen.

If the room has standard overhead lighting, turn it off for the party. Instead, choose cathedral, sloped or tray (also called trey) ceilings to make the space feel less crowded and create an air of relaxation. Also, opt for LED uplights with remote controlled color choices and dimmer options to shine on the bar or DJ booth. They are easy to rig into the venue ceiling or to place underneath draping.


Flooring is one of the most important items to consider when planning a house party. Depending on the type of room, guests may be eating, drinking and playing games that can result in accidental bumps and spills. For this reason, The Floor Gallery (TFG) recommends vinyl as a great party-friendly flooring option. It is heat-resistant and wipes clean easily.

The Party Room is found in the 2016 and 2022 version of Popgoes Pizzeria. It has multiple balloons and presents left behind and children drawings stuck to the walls. There is also a 3D Printer in this room. The room is used for conducting parties for children. It also acts as an entrance to the Parts & Service room that Blackrabbit can use. The floor is a checkerboard pattern and soft black.


Homeowners often build or remodel their homes to include a kids party game idea. These rooms typically serve as additional dens, dining rooms, gathering spaces or recreation areas. Whether the room serves your family on a day-to-day basis or strictly hosts parties, it is important to pay special attention to the floor and furniture selections for this space.

The Party Room is the 7th location that Austin renovates in the Mansion and it mainly revolves around Olivia’s birthday. It is her birthday on the 6th in-game day (since Homescapes doesn’t base itself on real days). During her party, William enters as Prince Charming on Claire’s dragonfly, Austin secretly reads Olivia’s Wish Book and reveals that she has reached a star, Ralph Ray bakes her a cake, Katherine Broom gifts her with a florarium, Andy Tanner gives her a Photo Frame, and Jeb rocks the stage with her song.

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