Choosing a Table Lamp

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A table lamp is a great way to bring light and style to your home. These versatile fixtures illuminate dark corners and nooks in shelving, brighten bedside tables and add distinguished ambience to dining rooms.

Lei and production designer Anastasia White both love Entler’s blobby cast-ceramic stoneware lamp, which they think would look perfect on a side table or in a home office. Its sculptural form and brass hardware complement contemporary styles, while its cloth-covered cord adds casual flair.


Table lamps are available in a variety of styles. Depending on your aesthetic, you might choose something minimal and simple like an urn-shaped lamp with a single pole and a frosted glass shade, or you might opt for an intricate brass or metal base.

Some lamps also have unique bases that add visual interest to a room. Try a sculptural wooden base, a metal and crystal-designed fixture or a piece that features a floral motif, mid-century modern style or Harry Potter(tm) theme for an artistic home accent.

You can also find table lamps made of materials like bamboo, wicker, cork and clustered branches that evoke natural elements for a rustic look. Combine them with wall sconces and pendants to create layers of lighting in a room.


Table lamps are a great way to illuminate specific areas and accent pieces in your home. They also provide a variety of lighting options to meet the needs of your space. Before you start your shopping, know where your lamp will be going and what it is going to be used for to narrow down your search options.

Unlike ceiling lights that provide light in every nook and cranny of your house, a table lamp focuses the light in a smaller area, making it easier to read or complete tasks without eye strain. They also help to set a mood for a room, whether it is creating a warm cozy atmosphere or adding formality and class. They are easy to incorporate into your decor and can complement a lot of different styles.


Table lamps are an essential element in a room’s ambiance. They help you set the mood and they also look gorgeous. However, it is important to keep in mind a few things when choosing a table lamp.

For instance, you need to find a lamp that is proportional to the size of your room. Large rooms that have higher ceilings will require a taller lamp.

Similarly, the height of your end table should be taken into account when choosing a lamp. It is recommended that the bottom of your lampshade should be at eye level when sitting next to it. This way, it will be easy to read a book or magazine. Also, it will ensure that the light is not too glaring or uncomfortable to use.


Whether they light up work spaces or lounge areas, table lamps bring life to living space furniture. Designed by renowned lighting brands, start-ups and independent designers, these minimalist creations vary in their looks and build.

Brass table lamps accentuate the natural elegance of classic living room furniture, while glass sconces look chic and modern. Resin is a versatile material that can be molded into different shapes and dyed in an array of colors to make eye-catching table lamps.

Ceramic bases turn table lamp into works of art. The material is usually terracotta and kiln-fired to low temperatures. Some pieces are adorned with intricate patterns or eye-catching glazes that elevate the lamp to a design statement. Many types of table lamps can be painted, but the results will depend on the surface of the lamp, its original finish and the paint that was used.

Outdoor Use

Unlike indoor lamps, outdoor table lamps are designed to be used in the open air and have materials that can stand up to rain or sun. They can enhance outdoor decor themes or offer mood lighting around a patio sofa’s end tables or an accent table between two chaise lounge chairs.

A battery operated and cordless model like the TECKALU has a tall cuboidal stem of resin in grey hues with dark brown both a foot and a top that holds a trapezoidal white polyester lampshade. It delivers a warm powerful light that can be dimmed and has a timer to switch off automatically.

Outdoor table lamps in artistic and geometric shapes add a touch of fun to gardens, terraces or balconies. They can be decorative showpieces or simply improve safety by illuminating walkways.

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