What Types of Combat Gear Are Available?

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Combat Gear https://pts-steelshop.com/collections/combat-gear includes anything that helps a soldier to perform their tasks, and can include everything from a rucksack or plate carrier to a helmet. It can also include items like holsters or chest equipment to hold mag pouches and other specialised attachments.

Some combat gear is military-approved and can only be purchased by those who have branch-specific identification or are veterans. However, civilian versions of the same gear can be found too.


Clothing is one of the most common components of tactical gear. Often designed with pockets or belts to hold weapons, accessories and other equipment, it is a vital piece of the puzzle.

A good example is the Model 47 uniforms issued to airborne forces in 1947, a large jacket inspired by US 1943 pattern with loose trousers that had two big cargo pockets on each side of the legs. A version was made in tan, giving rise to the term “jungle green”.

Military clothing is another important part of the tactical gear puzzle. As war has always been a constant in human history, vast stockpiles of military tactical gear have built up globally. Fortunately for civilians, most of this is no longer geared toward a specific demographic, and even the average Joe can benefit from many of these pieces. This includes things like camouflage print pants and rugged tactical flashlights.


Your hands are an important part of your body, so you want them to be protected. Gloves help to protect your hands from the rough environments you may be in, such as cold temperatures or scuffles with other people. Tactical gloves can also help to prevent minor cuts and abrasions.

Typically, tactical gloves are made from leather or synthetic materials like neoprene and nylon. They are designed to be durable and can have features like padded or armored knuckles, fingerprint technology and touchscreen capability. Some are even flame-resistant and can withstand certain chemicals.

The best tactical gloves will have hook and loop velcro around the wrists, which allows you to easily adjust them. Some will have spandex built in, which provides flexibility and dexterity. If you’re looking for fire-resistant gloves, look for materials such as Nomex or aramid. These are flame-resistant and can be laundered without losing their protective properties. Make sure that the glove fits well so you don’t experience any blood constriction or lose your dexterity when wearing it.


A boot is a shoe-like item of footwear that covers the foot, ankle and calf and sometimes all the way up to the knee. It also has a shaft that is designed to protect the leg from injury. It is laced but unlike shoes, it has corded laces that are made to stay dry and tied.

The modern military has various combat gears that help its personnel to survive and win battles. These include uniforms, equipment for storing weapons and personal items, and other useful pieces of equipment that make life in the military easier for its personnel.

Combat Gear is a growing fashion trend among many people who want to feel more prepared for whatever life throws their way. It was born out of necessity in the military but is now being used by civilians who are looking to look and feel like a soldier. The Propper collection of military clothing, bags and boots has everything you need to prepare for any situation.

Body Armour

The televised incidences of active shooters have raised everyone’s awareness of the need for body armor. While there is a wide range of protection options available, it is important to know your threat level before purchasing. Modern body armor vests can be loaded with either soft or hard armor plates. Soft armor flexes for comfort and concealment while hard plates are rifle rated for maximum protection. Some plate carriers also come with a front side that is labeled as the strike face to reduce the impact of a bullet.

Tactical backpacks and holsters are essential pieces of gear. These typically feature MOLLE webbing and moral patch Velcro. They may also boast expansion capabilities and places to stow water bladders. They also offer places to stow other tools of the trade, such as sniper rifle scopes and combat knives. Most of these items must be Berry Amendment compliant, a requirement that requires federal dollars to be spent only on US-made equipment during times of war.

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